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Lenovo teases the next Moto phone with a gloriously 2000s Razr ad

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June 9th could be the day

Don't you wish we all still had hair over our eyes and phones that could definitively fit in our pockets? And also pockets that could definitively fit our phones?

Lenovo put out an ad this afternoon teasing the unveiling of Motorola's next... something... that's all about reliving the Razr's incredible success in the mid-2000s. The phone really was everywhere. And as a former high school student who owned a Razr (which broke after like a year, by the way) and maybe had long hair, I gotta tell you, this ad is speaking to me in a very embarrassing way.

Just bring back the classic

It isn't entirely clear what the ad is for. But presumably, June 9th — the date of Lenovo's Tech World conference — is when the next Moto flagship will be unveiled. Rumor has it, it's a Moto X successor called the Moto Z. Although given this ad, maybe we're in store for some Razr news, too.

And after watching this, I have to say: Lenovo, please just make your next phone a Razr. Not a Razr smartphone. Just bring back the classic.