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Rolls-Royce's new luggage set is made of carbon fiber and the broken dreams of lesser luggage

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If you own a $300,000 coupe, Rolls-Royce is guessing that you don't want to be seen with Samsonite luggage in the boot. It may be right; I'll never be rich enough to know. But maybe you will be, in which case you'll want to know about these bags that Rolls has designed to complement the Wraith.

I don't know much about luggage, but these things look expensive. They were designed in-house by Rolls-Royce's Bespoke team — the people who customize clients' cars, often at extraordinary expense — and, in fact, the bags themselves can be customized to whatever insane specification your budget allows. Want them covered in diamonds? Rolls can probably make that happen, if the price is right.

Want them covered in diamonds? Rolls can probably make that happen, if the price is right

Here's where it gets especially crazy: one of Rolls-Royce's trademarks is the self-righting logo in the rims of its cars, where the "RR" badge is on a freely spinning cap that's weighted to stay upright even in motion. (It looks awesome.) Well, Rolls has ported that feature to the wheels on the "Grand Tourer" series of bags, which also incorporates carbon fiber and other pricey materials. And the whole thing is sewn using the same color thread used in your Wraith's interior.

Again, this is a level of ostentatious travel that I will simply never have the pleasure of knowing. But if your circumstances are starkly different from mine, you can order any of the six different bags in the collection by visiting your dealer (or, more likely, having one of your assistants visit your dealer).