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Chevy just barely made a Tron-inspired Cruze for the Beijing auto show

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In your mind's eye, picture a sedan in the Tron universe. What are you imagining? Something akin to a scaled-up light cycle, I'm guessing?

Yeah, this isn't that.

Introduced at the Beijing auto show last week, Chevrolet's Tron: Legacy Cruze show car is, for lack of a better description, just a Cruze with some glowing blue lines slapped on it. The theme carries over to the interior, which has Tron blue across the seats and dashboard, accompanied by special blue lighting.

That's it. Oh, there are blue taillights, which obviously wouldn't be legal in the real world (maybe in the Tron world — I don't know how the Department of Transportation operates there). So, why now, half a decade after the movie's release? The car was designed in collaboration with Disney, which is on the cusp of opening Shanghai Disneyland — Disney's first theme park in mainlaind China, a $5 billion affair that prominently features a Tron ride.

That's cool, I guess, but I'm pretty sure the Beijing show got the short end of the stick. Chevy's concept car at the Shanghai show last year was incredible, even without a Tron tie-in.