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Google, Facebook, Uber, and others join new NYC tech industry lobbying group

A new, New York City-based technology advocacy group has launched, and it already has some big players lined up. Tech:NYC — co-chaired by venture capitalist Fred Wilson and AOL CEO Tim Armstrong — plans to become "a more formal and representative organization" for tech companies in the city, as it lobbies for industry-friendly policies.

Wants a "regulatory environment" good for tech industry growth

According to the group, it plans to push for policies that create a "regulatory environment" good for growth of the tech industry, while also promoting wider technology access for New Yorkers. The group cites a few recent debates in the city that it could have weighed in on, such as disagreements over how to regulate companies like Uber or Airbnb. Indeed, those two are on a long list of companies on the nonprofit group's roster of members, which also includes Google, Snapchat, and many others.

"We need to ensure that the voice of the NYC technology community is part of each of these vital conversations," Wilson and Armstrong write in a blog post announcing the creation of the organization. "Tech:NYC will be part of a long New York tradition of engaging with our political leaders to get to the right result. We understand the need for regulation and legislation, but we must ensure that it is balanced and effective."