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A Space Jam sequel starring LeBron James is on the way

A Space Jam sequel starring LeBron James is on the way

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Jason Miller/Getty Images

A Space Jam sequel is happening with LeBron James as its star, with repeat Fast & Furious director Justin Lin directing. The Hollywood Reporter and Variety are reporting the news this afternoon, saying that talks are in place to make the film happen after years of speculation that James would star in a sequel. The original Space Jam was released in 1996.

There are basically no details beyond that the film is starting to move forward. A screenwriter is attached, but there's no word on when Lin hopes to begin filming or have the picture in theaters. It sounds as though most details of the picture still have to be worked out. But whatever. A new Space Jam with James and Lin sounds amazing, so let's just sit with that for a while.

Update May 2nd, 4:00PM ET: ESPN's Brian Windhorst, who has long covered James' career, says that "no deal is in place" for James to star in a Space Jam sequel. That doesn't necessarily discount today's news, however. Film deals are often announced before they're finalized, and that certainly seems to be the case here. That absolutely means there's a chance that things won't come together and the project will fall apart. But, more than likely, it means that this announcement is part of one party or another's plan to get more momentum into this project. If enough people are excited, there'll probably be a deal in place with James soon.