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Amazon's new Prime Now site offers same-day deliveries on web as well as mobile

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Amazon has launched a new dedicated site for its Prime Now same-day delivery service. allows Prime subscribers to order items for one- or two-hour delivery on their web browsers — providing their zip code is covered by the service — where previously they had to use Amazon's mobile app to make orders. Two-hour delivery is free, where one-hour will cost you $7.99, on a range of items that includes cleaning products, perishables, and Amazon's own hardware. Prime Now subscribers can also order takeout food from certain restaurants, and the service will also deliver goods from local stores including Sprouts Farmers Market and Sprinkles in Chicago, Los Angeles, Manhattan, Portland, San Diego, and Seattle.

"We have expanded the service rapidly over the last year to new cities and customers told us that they would want the option to shop on a browser as well as mobile," Stephenie Landry, head of Amazon's Prime Now service, said in a statement. Bloomberg first reported last month that the company would bring Prime Now to the web, but indicated it would be an option on, rather than a dedicated site. That's still not the case, but as Prime Now continues to expand, it seems like the rapid delivery service continues to play a key role in Amazon's future plans.