New trailers: Ghostbusters, 24: Legacy, The BFG, and more

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My girlfriend was out of town last weekend, which meant I had a rare opportunity to watch a movie she isn't interested in. One I considered was Jupiter Ascending. But I watched a minute of it and got super bored. So I decided to put on something else she'd declined to watch: Magic Mike. And yeah, I loved it!

Now I'm in a small predicament because I'm pretty sure my girlfriend will also like Magic Mike and I have convinced her to watch it, but I really want to watch Magic Mike XXL and don't want to wait for her to catch up. It's a bad situation. I actually have today off work (How am I writing to you? From the past!), so I'm probably just gonna go rogue and watch it. Y'all should have told me how good Magic Mike was sooner.

Below are 13 trailers from this week worth checking out. As a FYI, this was the week that TV networks deliver their annual offerings to their overlords, the ad execs, and as such, have released what feels like dozens of trailers for their new TV shows. They're composed entirely of footage from the series' pilots, so they can be kind of weird. I've included a few big names here (and left out some poorly done ones), but you can find all of the trailers here for NBC, here for ABC, here for FOX, and here for CBS.


Later, haters. There's a new trailer out for the Ghostbusters reboot, and it's having more fun than any other preview to date. It comes out July 15th.

24: Legacy

After eight seasons (and a miniseries), 24 felt pretty worn out, over the top, and surprisingly dull for such an action-packed show. But now it's coming back with a new star, and while it looks like nothing has changed about the series' tone or construction, somehow it all seems fresher. Maybe it just needed a new star and setup to breathe some life into a well-tested format. Its premiere is a long way off: February 5th, right after the Super Bowl.


Steven Spielberg's next film is The BFG, an adaptation of Roald Dahl's classic children's novel that blends live action with a world of fantastical, animated elements. The combination of Spielberg and Dahl sounds wonderful, but I hate that this trailer plays so much like a trailer, if that makes any sense. I suspect the actual film will do a better job of creating an appropriately foreign and magical world than this cut lets on. It's out July 1st.

Mr. Robot

Mr. Robot's first season was a hit, and now it's starting to tease its second season's premiere with a very eerie, very tense, and very gorgeous first trailer. The show returns July 13th.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Fox is remaking Rocky Horror with Laverne Cox in the role of Dr. Frank-N-Furter. And while you'll have to wait a bit longer to see her spin on the classic role, Fox put out a teaser this week offering a brief and early peek. The two-hour special premieres this October.

The Purge: Election Year

The Purge may be the most ridiculous series in existence. It's also a very successful one. This third film, titled Election Year and its release during an election year, seems to be sticking with its predecessor's ludicrous levels of gore, violence, and horror. Somehow it all seems thrilling, in like a very, very squeamish kind of way. It'll be out on July 1st.


Former Breaking Bad star Anna Gunn takes the lead in Equity, a film that has her playing a top-tier investment banker dealing with sexist men on one side and women who may be working against her on the other. The film premiered at Sundance and his now headed to theaters on July 29th.


Lena Dunham and fellow Girls EP Jenni Konner produced this documentary about a tailor in Brooklyn and the trans customers it fits suits for. It looks like a powerful way to explore what seems like such a simple issue — finding clothes that feel right for your body — and in doing so tells the stories of the gender non-conforming and trans clients who it features. The film premieres June 20th on HBO.

Into the Forest

This seems pretty creepy. Ellen Page stars in this film about two women trying to survive in the woods in a way-too-quiet, post-apocalyptic world. It comes to theaters on July 29th.


I don't know if this is way too ridiculous or exactly as ridiculous as you'd want, but this is definitely the first trailer for MacGyver. CBS is bringing the exceptionally crafty action hero / special agent back to TV with a new star, who's trying to walk the line between cheeky and cool. We'll find out this fall whether the show can pull that off.

The Land

Nas is producing this film about a group of high schoolers who happen upon a huge stash of MDMA and start selling it to help their families get by. It's beautifully shot and looks pretty tense and emotional, too. You'll also notice a roster of major names creating original music for this film — a piece from Kanye's contribution comes at the end of this trailer. The Land is out on July 29th.

The Accountant

I really love when trailers play with sound in weird ways, so I'm pretty into this first trailer for The Accountant, which builds its tension around the repeated tapping of Ben Affleck's fingertips. And also Radiohead, I guess. The film has Affleck playing a strange math genius who gets embroiled in the world of money laundering. It's out on October 14th.

The Red Turtle

This could be pretty amazing. Studio Ghibli collaborated on this animated story about a family stranded on an island and their failed attempts at escape. The animation looks just beautiful. And apparently there's no dialogue in the entire film, aside from a few shouts and yelps. It premiered at Cannes this week and is supposed to come out in Japan this September. No word yet on US distribution.

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