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Brighten your day with the happiest Wookiee you'll ever see

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Laugh it up, fuzzball

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I always thought Chewbacca was pretty expressive for someone who communicates only in creaky roars, but even our favorite fuzzball has nothing on Candace Payne, aka, the Lady in the Wookiee Mask. Payne recently shared a Facebook video she'd made after buying a Chewbacca mask — ostensibly for her son, but really, she says, for herself. And what does the mask do? Well, it makes a sound every time you open your mouth. And is that the sort of thing that would set you off into a fit of laughter while sitting in your car in a parking lot? Of course it is. And it's wonderful.

You can watch Payne giggling in the most contagious fashion above (her introduction is worth it, but skip around two minutes in if you want to get straight to the chuckling), or you can buy the mask itself for around $40. Then clear your diary, because you've got to spend the next 40 days laughing at yourself in the mirror.