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Watch Google's latest Spotlight Story, Pearl, on your phone

A month after debuting at the Tribeca Film Festival, Google's latest Spotlight Story, Pearl, just launched at Google I/O and is now available to watch on Android and iOS. The new short film, which follows a father and daughter's lives through the "eyes" of their beloved hatchback, can be viewed in the Spotlight Stories Channel on YouTube and in the Spotlight Stories app on iOS. (You'll want to watch this on a Cardboard if you have one, though.)

Director Patrick Osborne, who won an Oscar for his work on Disney's short film Feasttold The Verge at Tribeca that the film is a folk musical, with the car playing the part of the Giving Tree. Pearl is only the latest short developed by Google's ATAP group since director Jan Pinkava debuted Windy Day on the first Moto X back in 2013. Since then, the company has collaborated with the likes of former Disney animator Glen Keane and Fast & Furious director Justin Lin to make the shorts Duet and Help, among several others. Pearl was the first Google debuted at a major film festival, however, so it's clear the program's ambitions are only getting bigger.