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Watch this new Project Ara video and see the amazing potential of modular phones

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It's time to get excited if you weren't already

Google's Project Ara is starting to feel way more real with the announcement that a developer device will be coming later this year. And if that doesn't whet your appetite enough, Google has just uploaded another teaser of Ara and all the possibilities that a modular phone can bring. Some of the modules shown off include a loudspeaker, an e-ink screen displaying the weather, an array of microphones, a touch-sensitive square that seems to hail an Uber (and can probably be customized to do any number of things), and of course the camera.

Ara camera

So while we'll always get excited for new iPhones or Android flagships, this video is just another sampler — a taste that something truly groundbreaking could be on the horizon. And after all this time, it seems like Project Ara is actually coming together. You can probably start getting excited now if you weren't already.

ara speaker

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