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Apple pulls latest iOS update for 9.7-inch iPad Pro over 'Error 56' issue

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After weeks of complaints from users, Apple decided to pull the most recent version of iOS, 9.3.2, for 9.7-inch iPad Pros this week. The release has reportedly been causing "Error 56" issues for some, though not all, iPad owners, bricking their new iPads in the process.

The error, which has been making the rounds online, prompts users to plug the iPads in via USB so they can be restored. Unfortunately, restoring doesn't help:

Apple sent a comment to iMore stating that a fix is being worked on. "We're working on a fix for an issue impacting a small number of iPad units that are receiving an error when trying to update the software," wrote the spokesperson. "We'll issue an update as quickly as possible."

For now, users still running version 9.3.1 won't see an update to the next version until a fix has been released.