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The world's first 3D-printed motorcycle will cost you €50,000

The world's first 3D-printed motorcycle will cost you €50,000

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Airbus subsidiary APWorks is using its 3D printing expertise to build what it calls "probably the world's lightest motorcycle," a lithe, bicycle-like all-electric machine weighing 35 kilograms (77 pounds) held together with an intricate web of aluminum. Actually, it's more than aluminum: it's what APWorks calls "Scalmalloy," a custom aluminum alloy powder "with almost the specific strength of titanium" that the company uses to build incredible structures by fusing thin layers of the material together.

The result, called Light Rider, looks amazing. APWorks says it'll go 80km/h (50 mph) and run from 0-45km/h in 3 seconds, which keeps this fully out of superbike territory — think of this as a lightweight, street-legal runabout that just happens to look unlike anything else on the road. The battery is swappable and offers 60 km (35 miles) on a charge. The Light Rider isn't ready for cheap mass production, but it's not far off: the company will build just 50 of them for €50,000 ($56,100) apiece, probably more as an advertisement of APWorks' component fabrication capabilities than anything else.

If you're in the market, you may want to act fast — there are only 50 of these to go around, after all. APWorks is taking €2,000 ($2,200) deposits right now.