Pepper (softbanks robot)


Not sure if this is the right forum but I guess robots are close to PCs....

Just read the newest review of Pepper - since I live in Japan and have indeed interacted with one of them at a softbank store, let me say How terrible they truly are !

It can handle basic interactions eg: what can I do for you etc as it replaces the ticket machine at the softbank store which is a bit of a worry because the ticket machine is simple (tap one button) while talking to pepper is just a time waster. Since, Im not a native Japanese person and I speak Osaka-ben (dialect). Pepper could not understand me even when I switched to standard English.

Thing is what are they useful for ? As in Japan, they primary job is to greet people but most Japanese business have a real person to do that (and sometimes that way is cheaper than the contract to lease pepper from softbank). Hondas asimo walks and moves plus is used for research purposes. One day it will be sold to the public but in my experience, Pepper is more like Alexa useful or siri or goolge now (in a vacuum cleaners body).

I would also compare it to JIBO, the small robot that is about to be released.

In other words, Many of my friends wonder why softbank have done this as their network is suffering at the moment with only having 25% of the market. They are sinking since the iphone went to the other 2 big networks (au and docomo). Fix and focus on your core business.