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Facebook now lets you skip right to the engaging parts of live videos

RIP attention spans

Facebook is introducing a new "Engagement graph" for Facebook Live, a simple-to-understand visualization that reveals which parts of a live clip viewers have engaged with the most. According to Facebook, this will allow users to skip all the filler and get "right to what might be the most interesting or exciting points of the video." The engagement graph, rolling out today, appears when you start watching a previously live video — it'd be rather hard to do this on the fly — or any time you skip to a different section of a clip.

The company is pushing this as "useful for longer videos." But I think maybe it's most "useful" for our ever-dwindling attention spans. Why slog through an entire five-minute video when you can just hop from one exciting moment to another, as determined by other Facebook users? Will anyone bother watching in cases where the line stays relatively flat?

In addition to that, Facebook will now replay reactions when you're watching a video, so you can see both comments and reactions stream along as if you were watching the initial live broadcast. If one of your friends was watching live and reacted, you'll see their profile picture pop up during the replay. Facebook continues to see huge adoption for Facebook Live; according to the company, over 100 developers have integrated the Live API.