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Twitter is testing a night mode on Android

Twitter is testing a night mode on Android

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If there's one thing all nerds can agree on, it's that night modes absolutely rule.

I have no idea why this is a thing, but it is. Literally just this weekend, while procrastinating on a story I was supposed to be writing, I started searching for a way to add a night mode to Google Docs.

It's only in Twitter's alpha channel for now

I suspect this isn't a common desire, because after years and years of rumors and concept videos, I can think of very few major apps that have added night modes. When Apple finally added an OS X "dark mode," it did so in its update for power users. Why do we like this so much?

Twitter is the latest company to consider the ever-exciting night mode. Taylor Wimberly, who works at Huawei, spotted the change in Twitter's latest Alpha release. There haven't been many other reports of it, so it seems like another one of the many design tests that Twitter rolls out to some, but not all, of its testers.

Obviously, I think it looks cool and that Twitter should roll it out. But if the history of night mode rumors (and Twitter A/B tests) are any indication, I wouldn't be willing to put money on this rolling out to everyone.