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It's officially 'Beyoncé Day' in Minnesota

It's officially 'Beyoncé Day' in Minnesota


Thanks guv'nor

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Larry Busacca/Getty Images

Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton has declared that today is officially Beyoncé Day. He issued a decree and everything, with his official seal. This is a thing that governors do when they want attention, so here is some attention for you, Governor Dayton. Here is your tweet with the official proclamation:

Here is a story by the local newspaper I used to read, The Star Tribune, which makes a mediocre pun about making "Lemonade" out of the "lemons" of a legislative session gone sour. Here, the local CBS affiliate WCCO wrote a headline that ends with "As Storms Loom," which is literally true for the local weather where Beyoncé's concert in Minnesota is happening tonight, but metaphorically not at all true so far as I can tell unless you really want to read too much into something.

As long as everybody else is attaching random things to stories about Beyoncé, I'll attach this random thing about Governor Mark Dayton. Three years ago he had this unfortunate photo taken of him at the groundbreaking ceremony for a new NFL stadium, and so he is forever emblazoned upon my memory as the Sad Luigi next to Vikings owner Zygi Wylf's Wario.

Happy Beyoncé day, Minnesotans. Feel free to randomly attach feelings you have about anything to either Beyoncé or Mark Dayton. Because you will have to be random about it, any attempts to directly connect Beyoncé to traditionally Minnesotan things will be as corny as the examples above (e.g., it was suggested to me by a colleague that there's a "hotdish in her bag" joke to be made here).