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The new Finding Dory trailer hints at Dory's origin story

The new Finding Dory trailer hints at Dory's origin story


'Where are your parents?'

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The 13-year wait for Disney and Pixar's Finding Nemo sequel Finding Dory is almost over, and the movie's latest trailer — premiered on YouTube by The Ellen Show, naturally — reveals just how long the titular forgetful fish has been separated from her parents. (It's the movie's third major trailer.) She's been wandering the ocean trying to find her family since she was a guppy: years before the events of Finding Nemo, two fish voiced by Kate McKinnon and Bill Hader hear a child's voice calling out of the darkness. It's Dory, rendered an orphan by her short-term memory loss. From there, it only takes a few seconds to zoom from Dory's adolescence to the moment she's caught in a plastic six-pack ring and scooped up by a marine life institute.

Finding Dory is reviving one of Pixar's most beloved properties, and it's obvious the movie isn't exactly going to break new ground. If you liked the first movie's cast of madcap marine characters, this one's going to introduce enough new ones to fill a small lake; if its messages about friendship, family, and separation anxiety had you begging your theater seatmates for tissues, rest assured Finding Dory is going to pluck the same heartstrings. You only have a few weeks left to steel yourself emotionally: Finding Dory is premiering on June 17th.