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This Star Wars drone dogfight would be nothing without the right sound design

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YouTubers CorridorDigital and Rotor Riot teamed up to make this incredible drone dogfight starring a Rebel X-Wing and three Tie Fighters. In their four-minute video, the two teams make an aerial battle that comes close to being as exciting and intense as anything that the official films produced (while also making you want to go out and battle drones somewhere in the woods). But the visuals are just one part of the action. What really makes the short work is the attention paid to the music and sound effects.

Star Wars is immediately recognizable for its wide array of iconic sound effects. The swooshes of spacecrafts, the blaster fire, and John Williams' score are a big part of what makes the series so singular in pop culture. So it's great to see that, considering how much work clearly went into everything you hear, similar effort was put into everything you hear. Just listen; the slightly staticky sound of the Stormtroopers' conversation, R2's bleeps and bloops, and the explosions are all pulled right out of Star Wars itself. Even the background music, composed by SoundCloud users blakus-mfm, is a brilliantly done medley of Williams' work, making the short's big moments that much more impactful.

Would this short be the same if it had random dubstep playing in the background? Probably not.