MS Sculpt - wired/mouse-less version?


As far as I could find, MS Sculpt keyboard is wireless and bundled with mouse (the version I am after). Is there any wired version, or at least one without the mouse? Any rumors about this stuff circulating around? I kind of like that separate numpad thingy, which seems to be an important part of the Sculpt, so I doubt wired version is coming, it would be harder to do (unless done like sidewinder x6). But a cheaper model ditching the mouse would be nice.

I checked some reviews (well, just one relevant - allthingsergo) of the keyboard, and Sculpt seems to be a nice improvement over Natural 4000 I currently use. Anyone else used these 2 keyboard and can confirm improvements here?

Anyway, I still wish for a "natural/sculpt" sidewinder x6 (plus some refinements obviously). This would be probably my dream keyboard as far as layout and stuff is concerned. Anything like that exists out there? I checked all the ergonomic keyboards I could find and didn't find anything similar.