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This illustration of the entire Star Wars: Episode IV plot is over 400 feet long

For anyone who might be sick of watching the actual film, artist and graphic novelist Martin Panchaud has created an incredible 157-page illustration of Star Wars: Episode IV showing the entire plot from start to finish that you'd have to scroll through to believe. The entire image, which Panchaud made in Adobe Illustrator, contains every bit of dialogue and action in the film, and measures 10.6 inches by 4,845.3 inches — or 403.775 feet long.

Like an ancient scroll unfurling

Panchaud says on his site that he wanted to create something that contrasted with the internet's desire for quick, bite-sized content. This image might remind the reader of an ancient Chinese scroll, slowly unfurling to reveal its lengthy mythology, which is fitting considering Star Wars' impact on popular culture.

Take a look at the entire work over at Panchaud's site. Then imagine what The Empire Strikes Back might look like if it were presented this way.

Star Wars Scroll

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