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'What's Overwatch?' he asked me, with oldness in his eyes

'What's Overwatch?' he asked me, with oldness in his eyes

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Today, Nilay Patel, a man who I used to respect as a colleague and an editor, turned to me and asked, "What's Overwatch?"

Now here I am, literally dying to go home and play Overwatch, trying to think of any plausible excuse to leave work early, and the very man who writes my paychecks has no understanding of my pain.

Is Nilay Patel a Grade A monster? Possibly.

But maybe not everybody knows what Overwatch is.

I'm going to be quick, because it's nearly 6PM and to be honest 6PM is a totally plausible time to clock out so that's what's going to happen.

Overwatch is a first-person shooter. It's like if Team Fortress and League of Legends had a baby, but the baby mostly took after Team Fortress.

Don't know what those things are, Nilay? What are you, 48 years old? (Editor's Note: I am 35, and I hate you.)

Okay, imagine a game where you pick from a bunch of characters who all have different super powers. Then you and some teammates run out of a base and you get shot to death by the opposing team. Then you respawn (as a different character if you wish), and you finally kill the other team and then you make it to the car. Your job is to stand next to the car and not die! If you stand next to the car long enough it will move forward slowly. If the car gets to the end of the level before the time runs out, you're the winner! Then you switch sides and start all over again.

Why is this a good idea for a game? Who knows, but it's really and truly amazing. I played it some during the beta, so I should know.

Blizzard, the game studio that made the game that Duncan Jones just turned into a movie, made Overwatch and they spared no expense. Every detail of every level seems perfect. Every character is beautiful. It's like a Pixar movie to look, a Valve shooter to play, and there's a Blizzard-worthy amount of lore packed in.

Maybe it's the future of e-sports, or maybe it's just the flavor of the month and we'll all move on to something different once the bloom wears off. I don't know, Nilay! I don't have to justify my choices to you!

It's 6PM, I'm out, please check this post for typos. (Editor's Note: I have inserted a revenge typo.) (Copy Editor's Note: I have since found said typo and fixed. Please, no more revenge typos. They hurt my feelings.)