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This is what 100 Tinder screenshots look like in a single image

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Pierre Buttin

There really are a surprising number of humans in the world, and a lot of them live near you. Sometimes you forget, but Tinder offers a helpful reminder. There's nothing like swiping through dozens of profiles, taking in new face after new face, to remember how much sheer humanity there is around. But sometimes it all gets a bit much.

"a feeling of confusion and disorientation took over"

London-based Artist Pierre Buttin certainly knows the feeling. For his latest project, Buttin took screenshots of 100 Tinder profiles every day for 10 days, blending the captured images together like human dating smoothies. "At first, I was excited by Tinder's possibilities," Buttin told The Verge. "Yet, the more I got caught into the overflowing stream of new relationships, the more a feeling of confusion and disorientation took over."

You can pick out the odd recognizable object in each image — a hand, a palm tree, a book, a dog's face — but mostly it's just a hot digital mess, oddly reminiscent of the AI-created Deep Dream pictures. The rest of the series can be seen on Buttin's website, and he says he'll be turning the images into an exhibition in London sometime soon. Perfect for a date night, I'd imagine.