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Shia LaBeouf is using Twitter to hitchhike across the country

Shia LaBeouf is using Twitter to hitchhike across the country

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Aspiring artist and Gemini Shia LaBeouf has quite literally taken to the streets in his most recent attempt to prove himself as a performance artist. His new project, #TakeMeAnywhere, asks people to pick up LaBeouf and his two collaborators, Nastja Säde Rönkkö and Luke Turner, on the side of the road and take them on a journey. Here's how it works: over the course of one month, LaBeouf will randomly tweet the GPS coordinates of his present location. Any enterprising people without any more pressing engagements can then go find LaBeouf and his crew, and take them anywhere in the country.

The trio started the project this past Monday, and are currently traipsing through the mountains of Colorado. The first people to pick them up were the three dudes in the video above. After they found LaBeouf, they all ate lunch together and seemed to have no plan of action beyond that.

#TakeMeAnywhere isn't just something that sprouted out of LaBeouf's own brain. It was commissioned by the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art and the Finnish Institute in London for the MediaLive festival, Vanity Fair reports. It also appears to be a collaboration with Vice, because the project's landing page is hosted on Vice's website. MediaLive's festival director, Nicole Dial-Kay, said the project is meant to examine "goodness" and "corrupt nature," according to Boulder's Daily Camera. I guess "goodness" like people who will eat a cheeseburger with LaBeouf, and "corrupt nature" like if he gets murdered.

The project doesn't seem to be very structured so far. LaBeouf's most recent tweet was nearly a full day ago, and it's not clear how regularly he'll be tweeting. The #TakeMeAnywhere website it also pretty useless, and doesn't seem to be tracking their progress, or detailing who is picking them up. Dial-Kay says the trio cannot chose who comes to get them, but presumably they can refuse to get in the car with someone who is carrying a chainsaw or has a goatee. According to LaBeouf's last tweet, the group seems to be somewhere on the border of Colorado and Wyoming.