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Bentley, Zoolander pose, or Danielle Steel novel?

Bentley, Zoolander pose, or Danielle Steel novel?

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I was browsing the online configurator for Bentley's range-topping Mulsanne model this morning, and I stumbled upon the most delightful feature: the British luxury automaker names the suggested color combinations for each of its models and sub-models, and the names are fantastic. Molten Bronze. Big Skies. Opera Night. The list goes on, seemingly forever. There are dozens of them.

After staring at the list for a while, I realized something very, very important: I couldn't identify a structural difference between the name of a Bentley configuration, a trademark pose of Ben Stiller's Derek Zoolander, and a book by the best-selling novelist alive, Danielle Steel.

Don't believe me? You're a fool, and I'll prove it. Try my quiz.