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The best and worst of the internet's uninspired Hodor jokes

The best and worst of the internet's uninspired Hodor jokes


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On Sunday night, beloved Game of Thrones character Hodor valiantly sacrificed his life for two of his friends (because one of them was mind-controlling him and the other was repeatedly yelling at him to kill himself). Ever since, the internet has belonged to loving Hodor tributes.

Also, some attempts at comedy! I love when the internet comes together to make the exact same not-that-good joke. That's why the past three days have been the highlight of my existence. Shout out to everyone who put a tiny picture on an elevator button and was like, "This is honestly the best I can do and I'm okay with that." Keep doing you, but stop tweeting.

Here are all of the bad Hodor jokes I have seen:

Classic "I'm holding a door" joke

MTA humor, ever green


You can buy literally anything on Etsy, including 197 physical incarnations of a bad joke

door stop

This is a GIF I made to amuse myself, but it didn't work


What does this sandwich have to do with anything?


Here are a couple of decent Hodor jokes I have seen:


Thank god, a Beyoncé pun

Motivational poster

Here is one brilliant Hodor joke that I have laughed out loud at perhaps seven times:

Game of Thrones showrunners Dan Weiss and David Benioff recently issued a half-hearted apology for possessing our loved ones, Bran-style, and forcing them to say bad Hodor jokes to us nonstop for the rest of this week. Thank you Dan and David, an apology coming from you really means a lot — I noticed you did something similar last week by allowing Sansa Stark to call a man an idiot. Obviously everything is fine now.

Something our bros D&D did not apologize for: every other Hodor meme you have ever memed is now unfunny, even if it was once funny, and in that sense, this is the most brutal murder that Game of Thrones has ever inflicted on us.

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