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These are the Chromebooks getting Android app support

These are the Chromebooks getting Android app support

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Chromebooks are about to get far more capable with the addition of Android apps, but unfortunately, not all Chromebooks are going to get that capability. After announcing plans to roll out Android app support last week, Google released a list detailing which Chromebooks will be getting support for them — and there are a lot missing.

It's a pretty lengthy list, and there's a good chance that if you bought a Chromebook in the past year, you'll be in fine shape. But if you bought a Chromebook two or three years back, you may not be as lucky. Google's 2013 Pixel, for instance, isn't getting Android app support. Nor is anything from Acer's popular C720 series.

Sorry, early adopters

Google didn't say why some Chromebooks won't be getting support. PC World speculates that it may have to do with how Android app support is being implemented, rather than being a hardware limitation. It suggests that supported Chromebooks may be running on a newer version of Chrome OS's core code, which would be a lot of work to update older machines to.

Android app support starts in June with three laptops: Acer's Chromebook R11, Asus' Chromebook Flip, and Google's 2015 Chromebook Pixel. Over the rest of the year, it's supposed to come to over 50 additional models — the full list is here. Below you can see an abridged list of some of the major Chromebooks (and other Chrome OS devices) gaining support:

Chromebook 11 C740
Chromebase 24
Chromebook 11 CB3-111 / C730 / CB3-131
Chromebook 15 CB5-571 / C910
Chromebook 15 CB3-531
Chromebox CXI2
Chromebook 14 CB3-431
Chromebook 14 for Work
Chromebook C200
Chromebook C201
Chromebook C202SA
Chromebook C300SA
Chromebook C300
Chromebox CN62
Chromebit CS10
Chromebook 11 3120
Chromebook 13 7310
Chromebook Pixel (2015)
Chromebook 11 G3 / G4 / G4 EE
Chromebook 14 G4
Chromebook 13
00S Chromebook
N20 / N20P Chromebook
N21 Chromebook
ThinkCentre Chromebox
ThinkPad 11e Chromebook
N22 Chromebook
Thinkpad 13 Chromebook
Thinkpad 11e Chromebook Gen 3
Chromebook 2 11" - XE500C12
Chromebook 3
Chromebook 2
Chromebook 2 (2015)

Android apps are coming to Chromebooks