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The Star Wars Episode VII vinyl soundtrack has 3D holograms carved into the records

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Star Wars fans looking to add The Force Awakens soundtrack to their collections have a special reason to buy it on vinyl. The latest records have special 3D holograms of the Millennium Falcon and a TIE fighter carved right into the vinyl itself.

It speaks to the ongoing resurgence of records that Disney would put the extra effort into making this vinyl release special. Tristan Duke, a holographer who created the hologram art that landed on Jack White's Lazaretto LP, created the wireframe versions of the iconic crafts, which, if you watch from the right angle, appear to be hovering over the spinning records. The new soundtracks are available for preorder right now for $47.99 on Amazon and $49.96 via Disney Music Emporium. The album will see release on June 17th.

Star Wars Vinyl