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The most powerful Bentley ever sold is also one of the best-looking

The refreshed Continental GT Speed has a bit more juice under the hood

I don't have a lot to say about these new Bentleys that were rolled out in New York City this week — they're very mildly refreshed versions of the existing Continental GT Speed and its various derivatives. But there are two very important takeaways: one, at 633 horsepower and 620 lb-ft. of torque, these are the most powerful production Bentleys in history. Two, the "Open Ocean" configuration of the GT Speed coupe shown at the event is probably the most beautiful version of the Continental that Bentley has ever displayed.

I wouldn't have counted on a metallic blue body to work with bright, solid red trim, but here it is, and it looks amazing. Rims, lamps, and interior bits are all darkened, giving the car a menacing feel — which seems appropriate, considering the ridiculous 6-liter twin-turbo W-12 mill under the hood.

Yes, it's just a Continental — the car that Autoblog has occasionally taken to calling "the Camry for rich people" — but it's just about the baddest-ass rich-folk Camry you're going to find. And it better be: the updated GT Speed starts at $240,300 when deliveries kick off this summer, going up to $277,235 for a Black Edition convertible.


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