New trailers: Beauty and the Beast, Finding Dory, Star Trek Beyond, and more

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Hello everyone, New Trailers roundup person here. I'm here today to serve up your weekly dose of new movie and / or TV trailers (except not actually TV this week because there was so much last week). For those of you asking (none of you), I unfortunately did not get around to watching Magic Mike XXL last week, as I said I would, but the good news is that my girlfriend watched the first one and also loved it so hopefully we'll have time to watch the new one this weekend. Thank you all for your support during my trying Magic Mike XXL-free week.

There are 11 new trailers from this week below.

Beauty and the Beast

Here's something crazy: Disney's first teaser for Beauty and the Beast received more first-day views than any other teaser in history, with 91.8 million views. That means it even beat out The Force Awakens, which set the record with 88 million views last April. (This might not be a surprise, but Disney has all of the records here if you keep going down the list.) This first teaser for the live-action adaptation of Beauty and the Beast doesn't show much, but it presents a very quick look at Emma Watson as Belle. It's scheduled to come out next year on March 17th.

Finding Dory

The latest trailer for Finding Dory is just two minutes straight of Pixar doing what it does best: being unabashedly sweet and lovable (and pretty funny at the same time). It also starts to make Finding Dory feel like it has a real purpose beyond just being a sequel, which is exactly what Pixar needs to prove to audiences. It comes out in just a few weeks, on June 17th.

Star Trek Beyond

As if the new Star Trek series weren't action-packed enough, Beyond is taking things up a notch (or more — probably more) by putting Fast & Furious director Justin Lin in charge. This trailer starts out calm, but things change very quickly. We're not too far away from its release date now. It comes out on July 22nd.

Independence Day: Resurgence

So if this trailer is accurately depicting this movie, and it probably is, it seems like Resurgence ties together its new hero and its old heroes with a woman (the daughter of one hero and romantic partner of another) who doesn't get to do anything. Really cool narrative choice, entirely male writing and production team. Anyway, here's five minutes of the new Independence Day, which all you dudes can go see... June 24th? Wait it doesn't even come out on Independence Day?


Kate Mara stars as the investigator of some sort of very secret, very creepy, and very sci-fi lab in Morgan, a mysterious new film from Ridley Scott's production company (the film is apparently the feature debut for Scott's son, Luke Scott). I'm not super clear on what's going on with the plot here, but the film is definitely trying for a thoughtful and creepy look at the future in the way Ex Machina did last year. Anya Taylor-Joy, who was amazing as The Witch's lead, plays this film's freaky title character. It's supposed to come out on September 2nd.

Zero Days

This trailer came out a few months back but is only now up on YouTube, so you should check it out if you haven't already. Zero Days is the latest documentary from Alex Gibney, who last year put out both Going Clear and Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine. Zero Days is about the emergence of cyber-warfare, with a particular focus on the Stuxnet worm that destroyed part of an Iranian nuclear facility. It comes out on July 8th.

Fire at Sea

Fire at Sea documents the European refugee crisis by focusing in on a single 12-year-old boy who's living through it on an island in the Mediterranean. Early reviews say it's a powerful film, making the crisis feel specific and personal thanks to its intimate focus. It'll be out in the UK on June 10th and then heads to the US this fall.

The Little Prince

There have already been a few trailers out for The Little Prince, but now Netflix has picked up US rights and is putting out a trailer of its own. This trailer is basically trying to guilt parents into making sure their kid(s) see this movie — fair enough, I guess, because it looks really, really sweet. It'll start streaming on August 5th.


Do you want to see a bunch of animated animals sing pop songs? I... am not entirely sure that I do. But I feel like there are a lot of people who will answer yes to that question and those people will probably enjoy this movie, which is from the studio behind Minions. It's out on Christmas and features voice acting from Matthew McConaughey and Reese Witherspoon, among some other big names.

Free State of Jones

Free State of Jones stars Matthew McConaughey and is probably an okay movie for that reason alone. But what's really interesting is watching this trailer after reading The New Yorker's recent feature on STX Entertainment, the studio behind this movie, which brings up how STX purposefully budgets for big trailer spectacles, like the battle sequence shown here, to hide what is otherwise a quieter movie. That's not necessarily a bad thing; it's just fascinating to hear the specific strategy behind it. Definitely check out the story if you haven't already.


This is kind of interesting: Jon Watts, who's going to direct next year's Spider-Man: Homecoming, made a very freaky horror movie called Clown back in 2012, which sat around in a studio's vault unreleased. Now it's finally coming to the US, which is good timing for anyone interested in seeing what Watts is bringing to the table. (The answer: something very, very weird.) It comes out June 17th.

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