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Would you set foot on this insane, beautiful staircase?

Would you set foot on this insane, beautiful staircase?

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This scaffolding staircase is 95-feet tall, 187-feet long, and definitely not for people who are scared of heights. If you have ever struggled to hold down your lunch while climbing to the top of a waterslide, maybe skip it.

But it's also beautiful, and has a great backstory. The staircase was built by the Dutch architecture firm MVRDV as a month-long installation for a city-wide festival in Rotterdam, South Holland. The festival celebrates the 75th anniversary of the rebuilding of the city, which was catastrophically damaged by a Nazi airstrike in 1940.


(Ossip van Duivenbode / MVRDV)

"The Stairs to Kriterion" connect Rotterdam Central Station to the roof of the Groothandelsgebouw, one of the first major buildings to be completed during Rotterdam's reconstruction. On the roof, festival-goers can find a rooftop bar, a temporary observation deck, and the restored Kriterion cinema, which had its heyday in the 1960s. It sounds like quite the party, so long as you don't have vertigo.

And if you're not in the Netherlands, you can still enjoy a time-lapse the architects made of the project!

You can also watch an oddly edited EDM music video about the stairs, if that's your thing.