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Jon Snow came back to life wearing UGG boots

Jon Snow came back to life wearing UGG boots

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The scene in which Jon Snow came back to life on Game of Thrones seemed to last six years, and turns out, it did!

Based on Kit Harington's footwear in this set image, I'm going to assume that this scene began filming in 2010, the height of popularity for UGGs (according to Google Trends). How crazy is it that Kit Harington successfully kept the secret of Jon Snow's death and resurrection for six years? He didn't even blow it right near the end or anything.

Despite its name, UGG Australia is an American footwear brand. It manufactures boots that are meant to be worn indoors, but that literal millions of people wear out into snow and thereby contract athlete's foot every year. They are very expensive, for being slippers and / or dens of staph infection.


The story of Uggs, as told by people trying to buy them on the internet.

We could also entertain the possibility, I suppose, that these are not UGG-brand, but rather just ugg-style boots. While "UGG" is a brand, "ugg" refers more broadly to a style of sheepskin boots that was popular among Australian surfers in the 1960s. Perhaps these boots are not even sheepskin, and they're from Target. Who cares? Jon is alive, and he has new shoes and a new hairdo.

I don't have anything to say about the whole pants situation here.

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