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Reasons Sean O'Kane says I should watch the Indy 500

Reasons Sean O'Kane says I should watch the Indy 500

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I don't care for IndyCar racing. This is a bad thing for me to admit, because every time I've done it in the past, I've gotten some very angry emails and tweets from IndyCar fans. I don't blame you, it's good to defend your sport.

One of those fans is my colleague Sean O'Kane. In fact, I think he's probably the biggest IndyCar fan I know, and when I told him that I had no interest in watching this weekend's Indy 500, he basically lost it on me.

Here's what he said, more or less verbatim, broken into bullet points for readability. IndyCar lovers, please tell me whether Sean is on point or out of his mind. (Pardon the lack of proper capitalization, spelling, and punctuation — all of this was sent to me in a furious stream of consciousness via Slack on Friday.)

  • "stef wilson, justin wilson's brother, is running! and he's using the same car number!"
  • "helio castroneves could become a 4-time winner, tony kanaan and juan pablo montoya are worth watching alone"
  • "two former formula 1 drivers are in it for the first time — watch them get ~ * baffled by oval racing" [Note: I'm not sure what the significance of the tilde and asterisk are in this one.]
  • "james hinchcliffe basically died on the track during practice last year and is ​starting on the pole​ this year" [Note: emphasis Sean's, not mine.]
  • "this is the one race hondas seem like they'll be good at this year (lol)"
  • "the racing is closer than ever, and the last few years have been really good races! the kind you want in a 500 where there's action during the first 150 laps but not enough that it wrecks out half the field. and then the final 50 is nuts"
  • "because you'll be up already watching the f1 race in monaco and you can't just sober up"
  • "f1 cars looked all over the place in monaco practice, and coca-cola 600 is [sleeping emoji]" [Note: sorry, NASCAR fans.]
  • "because that indy lights finish was insane!"

Still not sure if I'm going to watch, but I like his passion. If you've been convinced — or you'd already planned on watching anyway — the Indy 500 will be on ABC on Sunday, May 29th at 11AM ET.