DACs for Speakers


Taking off from the recent article posted by Vlad about DACs, I have a question (and from looking at the comments, it seems as do others).

Can these DACs (Reviewed here) power speakers? Or are they exclusively for headphones?

If they do great, if they do not, are there any DACs (portable ones) that can power speakers?

I use multiple PCs and I have decent speaker sets on most and would love to have a DAC or two that I can use with all of them.

I know installing a sound card would be better, but I do not want to invest on $200 audio cards for each of the 5 PCs I have. Having a portable DAC that can power speakers would be a fantastic one (even if the sound quality is not comparable to that of a full-blown PC sound-card).

My speakers are 2.1s and they sound good, but an opportunity to make them sound better is always welcome, is it not?