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This week's best Game of Thrones live-tweet goes to Leslie Jones

The little birds are on Leslie's side

The only ritual more sacred than the Naked Walk of Atoning for Being a Woman is the ritual of Game of Thrones live-tweeting. Live-tweeting is sort of rude, but even the worst spoiler is justified by a thoroughly enjoyable joke.

Every week, only one live-tweet can stand out as the best — much like the world of Game of Thrones, you can be Arthur Dayne, Sword of Morning one week, and RIP-ing the next. This week, the winner differentiated herself with Sam Tarly cheerleading, cursing, and asking vital questions about Westerosi class structure. Thank you for your tweets, ghostbuster, SNL cast member and inveterate Game of Thrones spoiler Leslie Jones.


My favorite thing about Leslie Jones' Game of Thrones tweets is that she passes up the simplicity of screenshots, instead opting for blurry snapshots of television screens. It gives the show an arthouse sensibility it sorely lacks.

My second favorite thing about Leslie Jones' Game of Thrones tweets is that she knows the size of the newly introduced Tarly castle makes no sense at all. They're bannermen of the Tyrells, and they live underneath some random mountain!

This is the best read anyone has ever given to a purely fictional person:

Here are some more words of wisdom for Sam's loving father, who wears his sigil to the dinner table for no reason like an enormous tool. Randyll sucks.

Same? This scene was very hard to watch, despite the fact that I didn't care about what anyone in it was saying, or any of the characters that it involved, or the city it takes place in.

This is the best tweet I've ever seen:

I hope Leslie continues to bless us in the weeks to come.