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Listen to Radiohead's new song Burn the Witch

Listen to Radiohead's new song Burn the Witch


Where's the album, though?

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After slowly disappearing from the internet and releasing a few short teasers through Instagram, Radiohead has released a stop-motion video for their new song "Burn the Witch." It's the band's first piece of new music since their almost-Bond theme "Spectre," which was released last Christmas, and it's the first single from the band's upcoming, as-yet-untitled ninth studio album. (The band hasn't released an LP since 2011's The King of Limbs.)

The video is set in a pastoral English village — one that seems to contain a miniaturized version of itself — that quickly turns sinister when its inhabitants get down to the titular witch burning. (It takes place in a giant wooden effigy that looks like something out of The Wicker Man.) The band has been the subject of intense speculation from fans and listeners since it registered a company called Dawn Chorus, LLP in January, a move that's preceded the release of the last two Radiohead albums. After fans received leaflets titled "Burn the Witch" late last week, the band's social media presence started to slowly fade away on Sunday morning, only to be followed up by two Instagram teasers that ended up containing music and scenes from the "Burn the Witch" video. With a single, a strange promo campaign, and a world tour on the horizon, the only missing piece is a new album, and it could arrive at a moment's notice. Indie rock! Get excited!