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Rich people build a one-off carbon fiber Batmobile to take on a rich people adventure

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Some wealthy car enthusiasts have taken a Lamborghini Gallardo and used a lot of carbon fiber and engineering talent to turn it into a stealthy, Batmobile-esque hypercar / fighter jet on wheels. Now they're going to take it from Dublin to Bucharest on the 2016 edition of the Gumball Rally.

Why are they going to do this? Because they can. According to the video, the lead engineer on the project spent a year with the Swedish supercar shop Koenigsegg, which produces insane machines like the One:1 and Regera. Now Team Galag, a multi-year Gumball veteran, is going to take it across Europe.

It looks absolutely fantastic, though we're wondering where all the luggage goes. Maybe Alfred takes care of that.

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