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Uber is dropping Google Wallet on May 9th, now accepts Android Pay

Use Android Pay and you'll get $10 off your next ride

Beginning next week, Uber will officially transition to Android Pay as its preferred platform for in-app payments on Android smartphones. The ride hailing company integrated Google Wallet for similar purposes way back in 2013. But earlier this year, Google repurposed that app to handle peer-to-peer payments and little else, so the switch to Android Pay was inevitable if Uber wanted to maintain the convenience factor. The company has emailed customers who previously used Wallet to cover rides so that they're aware of the pending change ahead of time.

Users who've already set up Android Pay on their phone will be able to select it like any other payment option (personal credit card, PayPal, etc.). And there's a bonus for signing up if you haven't already; Uber will take $10 off your next ride once you pick Android Pay as your chosen payment method. That's only good for a limited time, so you'll want to make the changeover quickly to get the savings. Android Pay is Google's mobile wallet and rival to Apple Pay, and began supporting in-app payments last December.