I never considered the company for their laptops. They seemed decent enough, but nothing special. Their Transformer was the first (of the devices I know), but it took SP3 to actually make the category of ... transformers. And their phones always seemed nice hardware for low price before all Chinese competitors, but with a huge question mark of "WTF @ Android + x86?".

Yet their event was outlandish. It went from nice to even nicer and ended with the most WOW device recently - their dog. All their announced products seem "the best in class", class defined by the product these devices copy. It kind of seems like I was watching history of all cool Sony strengths from the time company meant something... plastered on competing brands. Not that I mind this - it is always nice to steal great ideas instead of reinventing shit that doesn't work. Would be better to not copy Macbook's lack of ports, but oh well, still a nice .5 upgrade.

The only thingy that didn't seem copied from a competing mainstream product is their dog thingy. The coolest, but the most irrelevant and useless thing they showed. What the heck is the idea behind the product? Want to make the best Echo? Freaking copy it, like you did with the rest of stuff. Why even try making a dog? What purpose does it serve? To be annoying more often than not? To cost so much nobody would even see its uselessness? To make you so happy when you finally stop tripping over it to forget about its complete lack of purpose? Come to think of it... they actually made a human companion that is more pet-like than anything else. When you have a silent worker that is useful most of the time, all the tiny issues get more and more annoying. But here you won't even mind the dog eating your breakfast - everything will be forgiven the moment it fetches your slippers before you even asked. Even if it fetches the wrong ones.