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The 458 MM Speciale is Ferrari's latest one-off supercar

Stock Ferraris — the kinds on, say, — are already more expensive than most of us will ever even dream of being able to afford. But for a certain breed of well-heeled buyer, stock Ferraris just aren't good enough.

For these folks, Ferrari and its design partners will work one-on-one to craft a completely custom vehicle, which can produce spectacular results at extraordinary cost — like Eric Clapton's awesome Ferrari SP12 EC, for instance. And now, there's a new one-of-one wearing the prancing horse: the 458 MM Speciale.

Unlike some other bespoke Ferraris like the SP12 EC and P4/5, the 458 MM Speciale was designed entirely in-house for "an enthusiastic British owner." Based on the 458 Speciale — hence the name — the car has sharper, more aggressive lines than the base 458. (From some angles, it's almost Ford GT-like in appearance, though I imagine Ferrari would disagree with that assessment.) It's interesting that the car isn't based on the newer 488 GTB, though it carries over one of the 488's signature elements: side scoops, which the 458 lacks.

Even if you're a hedge fund manager, don't bother asking where you can get one — it's strictly a one-off. The 458 MM Speciale still warranted a press release from Ferrari, though, and why not? If nothing else, it serves as a killer advertisement for what the company can do for you when you're ready to hand them a check for several million dollars.


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