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OkCupid is now matching people by their 'flavors'

OkCupid is now matching people by their 'flavors'


I hope I'm tortilla-chips-with-a-hint-of-lime flavored

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Curation is hot right now, so OkCupid is going to curate dateable humans by their "flavor." Are you a hardcore cuddler? A cunning linguist? Maybe a kinky nerd? (Note: due to some confusion over whether I was making these group names up, no; these are the real "flavor" choices.)

Users can define themselves by specific flavors and subsequently swipe through those users. Here's how OkCupid describes its new match-making feature: "Flavors is kind of like turning vanilla ice cream into a sundae. You add the fixings like cherries and chocolate goo, and end up with something more satisfying."

Hmm. I actually don't understand that metaphor at all, but maybe I'm missing something? Oh wait, maybe I get it. We humans are all bland faces blending into a sea of even blander faces. Our "chocolate goo" is our kinky nerd side. Got it.


This seems to suggest that OkCupid is trying harder to capitalize on swipes. The difference between this new feature and Tinder, though, is that Flavors involves swiping through people who are already vetted as having shared interests. That could work. These are my suggestions for interest-based groups that would really flourish in the bleak New York City dating scene:

  • Emotionally unavailable
  • Foodie lyfe
  • Avocado toasties
  • Dead inside

Update 5:04PM ET: Updated to correct that Tinder and OkCupid are owned by the same company.