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Slow-motion shooter Superhot is getting VR and motion controls

Slow-motion shooter Superhot is getting VR and motion controls

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It took two years, but hyper-stylized first-person shooter Superhot is officially coming to virtual reality. In a blog post, Superhot's developers have said they were "working super close with the guys at Oculus" to adapt the game to the Oculus Rift VR headset, where it's set to appear as an exclusive title later this year. On Reddit, team member Szymon Krukowski said that the game would use the Oculus Touch motion controllers, and that it would be available as a free add-on for the game.

Released earlier this year, Superhot's premise is that time moves only when the player does — you're put in firefights where the solution is not a twitchy trigger finger, but a careful eye on the trajectory of bullets and enemies. And a virtual reality version has been in the cards for a long time, ever since Oculus used Superhot to demonstrate its second development kit at the E3 gaming expo in 2014.

Superhot VR Gif

At that point, the VR version was essentially the standard game inside a headset, with the added ability to move your head a little. Now, it sounds like a significantly different experience. "We’re really trying to capitalize on all of the new design possibilities that Virtual Reality is giving us," the post says. Krukowski provided some more specifics. You'll be "actually moving your hands or head moves time in real time," he says. "So you really NEED to stand still while playing to keep the time still." As with a lot of motion control games, this looks simultaneously fun and very, very silly.

The competing HTC Vive headset is already available with motion controllers, but for now, the team will "concentrate on Oculus" — although given that games can translate across high-end headsets fairly well, there's no reason we couldn't see Superhot on other platforms later. The Oculus Touch controllers are supposed to come out in the second half of this year, and we may know more about them — and by extension, Superhot — after E3 next month.