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Amazon waiting for 'acceptable business terms' to put Prime Video on Apple TV

Amazon waiting for 'acceptable business terms' to put Prime Video on Apple TV

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Asa Mathat

Why isn't there a Prime Video app on the Apple TV — and why doesn't Amazon sell either the Apple TV or the Chromecast on According to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, it all comes down to "acceptable business terms."

Bezos argues that for video players, he only wants Amazon to sell devices that support Prime Video. And while "you can always get the video player on the device," you can't always get them on "acceptable business terms." When our own Nilay Patel pressed Bezos and asked whether those terms involved Apple's famous 30 percent cut on all purchases, Bezos said that "private business discussions should stay private."

He nevertheless pointed out that Amazon is happy to sell other "competitive products" to the Fire TV, like the Roku and the PS4. Those devices, presumably, gave Amazon "acceptable business terms."

Amazon pulled both Chromecasts and the Apple TV from its retail store in October 2015. At the time, Amazon's explanation went thusly: "It’s important that the streaming media players we sell interact well with Prime Video in order to avoid customer confusion."

But it seems clear that "confusion" isn't the issue so much as, well, "acceptable business terms." And there's really only one way to read the phrase I've repeated here several times: it's money.

Correction May 31st, 11:20PM ET: This story originally quoted Jeff Bezos as saying "private business decisions should stay private." Bezos actually said "private business discussions should stay private."

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