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Voisi Recorder & Transcriber – Transcribe voice notes automatically

Hi all!

Want to share Android app that our team has released recently – Voisi Recorder & Transcriber (← Google Play Store link).



As the name says, this app records and automatically transcribes calls and voice notes and save them to Gmail account. Mind you, that call recording may not work on your device – it's really a supplementary feature, not a killer one. Killer is automatic transcription which is done on our distributed farm – currently we support English, Czech and Russian, but plan to roll out new languages (speech recognition technology is kindly provided by Phonexia. Transcription quality varies greatly on recording quality and speech domain – currently we've trained speech recognition engine for spontaneous lingo (and we plan to support domain-specific vocabularies for healthcare, engineering and legal).

Automatic transcription is free for first 2 weeks and if it works well for you Google will ask you to choose monthly or yearly subscription.

By the way, we are really eager to have your comments and suggestions for app features! Right now we are implementing integration with Evernote.