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Circuit boards are the ultimate expression of love

Circuit boards are the ultimate expression of love

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Here's something for the inner romantics and DIY circuit board assemblers in all of us. Yes, I'm talking to you, my friend; soldering iron in one hand, PCB board in the other, pining to tell your cherished special person how you feel about them, but clueless about how to express yourself. Sure, you could just tell them "I love you" — but words are nearly as cheap as fiberglass substrate and copper foil. Fine then, write them a card... but where's the pizzaz in that?!

One romance-loving user of EasyEDA, a web-based electronic circuit design tool that lets people build and order customized PCB boards, has given us the Merry Me, a printed circuit board that, with 35 LEDs and a CR1220 battery, expresses your love like it's never been expressed before.

Pretty sweet, ain't it?

Using circuit boards for things other than computer and electronic components isn't new. Artists, designers, and hobbyists have been using circuit boards as mediums for years. Like Masahiko Shindo, who made this working radio with a circuit board designed in the shape of the London Underground subway system for the Design Museum in London in 2012.

Others repurpose discarded circuitry in cool and unique ways, like this insect sculpture made by artist Julie Alice Chappell.

Or the Binary Low Table from BRC Designs:

Or this circuitry sculpture made by artist and documentarian Theo Kamecke.