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Bentley's Apple Watch app lets you turn on the seat massagers from your wrist

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Automakers are scrambling to turn their cars into "connected" cars right now — and for many, that means adding support for smartwatches. (Usually, they're just extensions of the phone apps that many of these cars already integrate with.) But more often than not, these smartwatch tools are just for the basics — remote start, finding your car, things of that nature. When you're Bentley and you don't sell a single car for under six digits, you need to dial up the luxury a notch or two.

Bentley just released an Apple Watch app for its new Bentayga SUV, and it's a little bit different than the car-integrated watch apps we've seen so far. It's less about finding your $200,000-plus truck in a mall parking lot, and more about getting comfortable: you can control the seat heaters and ventilators, cabin temperature, radio, and massage systems (yes, massage systems) from your wrist. You can also look up basic trip data like current speed, trip duration, and the like.


If it sounds a bit like this app is more for passengers than drivers, you'd be right: Bentley owners are more likely to be driven around, and reaching for controls on the dashboard or rear console sounds like such a chore. Why not just do it all from your Apple Watch Edition instead?