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Card-carrying Republicans are purging themselves with fire

Card-carrying Republicans are purging themselves with fire

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Donald Trump: the man, the myth, the pumpkin, the all-but-certain Republican nominee for the US presidency.

Hundreds of members of the Republican party, shaken by this state of reality, have been tweeting seemingly heartfelt goodbyes to the GOP for the last several hours. You can check out the hashtag #GoodbyeGOP for a good selection.

Many are also ceremoniously burning their voter registration cards, which is a great way to achieve your first viral tweet and to blaze your fingerprints off. The power of the statement itself is up for debate. On the one hand, "card-carrying" believers of any stripe setting flame to the physical card that represents a cherished philosophy, are surely trying to say something big. On the other, as The Verge science reporter and general sense-haver Loren Grush points out, burning a physical copy of your voter registration is about as tangibly effective as Michael Scott running around an office yelling "I DECLARE BANKRUPTCY."

Sensible former GOP-ers have opted simply to change their registration online, and while it's a much more logical course of action I have to admit that tweets without fire do not look nearly as cool. I rescind my subtle endorsement of Loren's argument.

I wish I could enjoy this spectacle more, but it feels sort of like getting excited about the new dress you get to wear to your grandmother's funeral.