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The dark sci-fi art behind the new Doom

As explained by the artists

In less than two weeks there will be a new Doom game in the world. On May 13th the iconic shooter series is getting a much-needed reboot, one that’s been a long time coming. While Doom helped set the stage for what first-person shooters could be, it has largely given way to other franchises. The last game in the series was 2004’s Doom 3, which didn’t exactly have the same impact as its predecessors.

It’s still not clear whether the new Doom will be a return to form in terms of how it plays, but it definitely looks the part, with that distinct Doom look, blending a heavy metal vision of hell with classic sci-fi. While you wait for the game’s imminent launch, check out some of the concept art that helped define its look, complete with thoughts from the original artists.


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