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Twitter updates its Mac app with Moments and poll support

Twitter updates its Mac app with Moments and poll support


We also get GIF search, for what it's worth

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Twitter is doing what it can to make its Mac app more appealing. In an update out today, the company is bringing over its Moments tab from the mobile and web versions of the site. Moments, first introduced back in October, is designed to make Twitter more palatable for the causal user. It distills a given day's hectic happenings into an easy-to-read digest of news, events, and viral moments on the platform.

Having Moments on the Mac app is a plus, as it's one of the biggest of a slew of changes Twitter has made over the last year in an attempt to make its service more welcoming. The company also added poll and GIF search support to its Mac app as well. Now, instead of displaying a poll as just any old tweet, the app will actually render the proper graphic and let users interact with it.

Twitter is slowly but surely bringing its Mac app up to speed

These are long overdue features, but it's refreshing to see Twitter pay more attention to its oft-forgotten Mac client. These changes mark the second update since Twitter suggested in December it would spend more resources bringing the software up to speed. At the time, the company introduced introduced nearly a half-dozen key features for Mac users that its website and mobile app counterparts have enjoyed for quite some time, like support for inline GIFs, native quote tweets, and private group messages. So for any and all Twitter Mac fans out there, the product is looking better than it has in years. Now, fingers crossed for a TweetDeck upgrade.