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The Obamas celebrate Star Wars Day with a stormtrooper dance party

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Nobody is safe from Star Wars on May the 4th — not even the Emperor president. The White House has posted a cute little video to celebrate the day that shows Barack and Michelle Obama dancing to "Uptown Funk" alongside a duo of stormtroopers. R2-D2 is there too, and it appears to be on DJ duty, repurposing its holoprojectors to blast out the Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars track and spinning his head back and forth with the music.

It's not clear whether Obama always has a personal retinue of stormtroopers on hand in the White House, or whether the suited soldiers were there just for Star Wars Day, but it's good to see the commander in chief has power over the space military as well as US forces. "Come on, stormtroopers," he demands as the song starts up, compelling his underlings to groove along with him and Michelle.