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Chicken parm baked in a Wi-Fi oven tastes like chicken parm

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Same for all other foods

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Samsung's Flex Duo™ Slide-in Range with Dual Door Wi-Fi Slide-in Range with Soft Close Dual Door™ connected stove top oven is now available in the US for $2,999 for the electric version or $3,299 for the gas version. It comes in a silver or black stainless finish. Why a connected oven, right? I mean, yes it matches your smart fridge, smart dishwasher, smart smoke detector, and smart lock, but does it actually improve your quality of life?

Wow I'm going to say this oven is actually useful! You can remotely preheat it, which we all know is very important for baking, set a timer, receive real-time alerts on oven temperatures, and turn it on and off. I guess if you live in perpetual fear of having left the oven on, this would be extremely helpful.

Naturally, this isn't the first Wi-Fi oven. We live in the Internet of Things era, people. GE makes some, too. Phew. We need options because this parmesan chicken sure ain't going to cook itself.